Project Overview

The GREAT project will focus on the geotechnical and geological responses to the global challenge of climate change. It will promote, on a world-wide scale, sharing of mitigation and adaptation strategies in this area. The project involves five major European institutions and six ICPC institutions from three BRICS countries (China, India, and Brazil). This is aimed to facilitate access of Europe to research and innovation carried out in emerging economies and, at the same time, to promote Europe as a pole of attraction for research and innovation on a global scale.

GREAT will stimulate long-term collaboration between European and BRICS institutions via the secondment of ~87 PhD/Post-doc researchers and ~20 senior members of staff. The PhD/Post-doc researchers will be involved in mini-projects carried out at the Host institution under the guidance of a Host supervisor. This mechanism is put in place with the aim of ensuring a ‘hands-on’ exchange of knowledge between ICPC and EU partners.